Do you know? These Mesmerizing Flowers are found only in India!!

No one can deny this fact that flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. If you are living in India and a die-heart flower lover, this blog has everything you need to read right now. As, today I want to make you all familiar with the five best flowers that can grow only in India. Now, you can embellish your home and garden area with these flowers. You can also use these flower for gifting purpose by doing flower shopping online.

Lily Flowers

There are many online portals that provide the easy facility to send flower to Hyderabad, Mumbai and all over world where your loved ones reside. As, you know India is famous for its bright and colorful flowers, so, these flowers are also something that can adorn your day in the most excellent way. Below are some names of flowers that you can only find in India:

Siroi Lily

This beautiful light pink color lily mostly found in Manipur. Because of its height, this particular flower is one of the best flowers for wide garden area. It’s smooth and beautiful petal of light pink attracts child toward it. You can present this flower bouquet on kid’s birthday or baby shower ceremony.


This slight white and pink color rose like flower is not only known for its beauty, but also popular for numerous medicinal benefits. This rare flower is only found in Arunachal Pradesh and was discovered by two flower specialists of botanical survey. From turning light pink to white, this flower is really a worth watching piece to be appreciated.

Spider Lily

This special spider shape flower was discovered in Calcutta by Ravinder Singh. It’s a rare herb that only grows in wild area. So, if you are living near wild area, you can grow this lily flower in your garden area that not only adorn your garden in the best possible way, but also give pleasant smell.

Yakla Snow Lotus

This is one of the most gorgeous flowers you have known so far. This flower only found in mountain range of Himalaya that give a beautiful look to the mountain and an eye pleasing piece for all the tourist. With the help of its light pink and purple colored petals, this flower can also act as a temperature regulator.

Woodrow’s Crinum Lily

Elegantly beautiful! This particular flower is one of the real flower wonders of India widely found in Maharashtra region. Its colorful aura can bring the feeling of joy and happiness to anyone’s face. It’s the best bouquet flower used for gifting purpose and decorative purpose. Send this flowery gift online and surprise your beloved people in the best possible way.

These are some of the best looking flowers of India that will not only garnish your garden area, but will also make your house full of amusing fragrance. To send these types of flowery gifts online, you can visit, an online portal that contains variety of flowers and other gifts like cakes, personalized gifts and many more. Doing flower shopping online from this portal also help you with express and same day flower delivery in India.


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