Flowers: A Best Way to Make your Loved Ones Happy through Gifts

“Just living is not enough… one must have the sunshine, freedom, and a little flower” ~ Hans Christian Andersen

Fresh flowers are popular gifts and these are something that everyone loves. There is no denying the fact that fresh flowers make great gifts and more so when the recipient is a woman. Even flowers are ideal gifts for marriage anniversaries and weddings, where they are given to men as well.

Buy flowers

Same day flower delivery ( ) services are offered by many agencies. And why not? Flowers are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and everything else that you can think of. Here are some of the reasons why you should gift flowers:

Meaning of Flowers

Do you know that each and every flower has a different meaning to express? You probably know that red rose is the symbol of love. Similarly, yellow roses signify friendship.

This is the reason why roses are exchanged during Valentine’s Day. if you have a dear friend who lives far away from you, in a different city, you can surprise her by sending a bunch of yellow roses on Friendship Day.

In fact, there are flowers for sending condolences too. There is a flower for every occasion and they can express and speak a thousand words on your behalf.

Ideal for Decoration

People love flowers and that is because flowers can illuminate any dull and dark corner of their houses.

So, whether you are sending flowers to a person’s office address or to her home address, you can be sure of one thing — your gift would brighten the dark corner of her home or office. Flowers come with a certain positivity and that imbibes in the people around them. So, every time you struggle in thinking what gift to give to your friend or relative, opt for flowers and you would never go wrong.

Budget Friendly

One of the best things about flowers is the fact that they are affordable. You can choose the number and type based on your budget. There are different varieties of flowers available in the market and each has a different price. Even bouquets are not very expensive and you can find many beautiful designs within your budget.

Many times, you are invited to weddings and birthdays that take place at the end of the months. Buying an expensive gift of often not possible when you are more than halfway through the month and salary day is far away. Just buy a beautiful bouquet of flower and you are good to go.

These are some of the reasons why flowers make awesome gifts. Thinking what gift to your diet conscious friend on her birthday? She would get demotivated if you gift her chocolates. Opt for flowers and see how happy she becomes.

You can also order fresh flowers online and have them delivered to every part of the world. Flowers are the true gifts of nature and you can make anyone happy by gifting them flowers.

If you are looking for flower delivery in Mumbai or any other city in India, then GiftaLove is one online store that you can trust. Apart from flowers, this store has loads of other gifts to choose from like chocolates, cakes, personalized gifts items, and much more. They have gifts for different occasions and there is something for everyone. They offer international deliveries too.


Lovely Flowers For Someone Special With Giftalove

Flowers always make people happier and better. Little things seem like nothing, but they sometimes give peace, like beautiful flowers. Flowers altogether fill the air with fragrance.

Flowers are a perfect gift idea. Different flowers have different meanings, which goes for the colours of flowers as well. If you live outside India, you can send flowers to India to surprise your dear ones. We have a range of flowers for all your needs.


Flowers Online

Different Types Of Flowers That Match Your Choice:

• Rose flower depicts love. You can surprise your dear ones with roses. We offer you an exclusive range of rose flowers so you can choose any rose of your choice. Moreover, this range would help you to have the most amazing rose bouquet, basket arrangement, and bunch. You can have multi-coloured roses with different colours of red, white, yellow etc. Rose collection includes Rosy blooms, Red roses, Mix roses, Yellow roses etc.

• If your choice is specific about orchids, you are at the right place. Explore orchid bouquets, baskets anything that you like the most.

• Many people are crazy for lilies. You must gift them a beautiful lily bunch on birthday, wedding or any other special day.

You can gift flowers to your friends, families, lovers on different occasions such as:

• Birthday

It is the day when you can make your loved ones feel special. Flower bunches, flower bouquets, flower basket are perfect and beautiful gifts. You don’t need to rush to buy these gifts. You can simply have a glance here at Giftalove and choose a particular collection of flowers. You can even explore our flowers combo option. Through this option, you can gift chocolates, teddy bear, sweets etc. along with flowers. Make the birthdays of your loved ones special with these gifts online.

• Anniversary

An Anniversary is the day of commitment between two people. It is a special day to celebrate the time of togetherness. You can gift flowers to the couple that depicts positivity and lot of wishes.

• Valentine’s Day

The day of love that brings many emotions with it. You must select something special for your sweetheart. You would surely love the amazing gift hampers with flowers, chocolates, cakes, teddy bears etc. We offer you timely flowers delivery in Delhi so your dear ones don’t have to wait to receive your love.

• Wedding

It looks elegant when you gift flowers to someone on their wedding. Give your blessings to the newly married couple. You would love to gift the amazing chocolate bunch. Not even these particular relations, you can have everything for every relation.

Reasons why you must choose Giftalove

Midnight Delivery

You would please to know that we give the service of midnight delivery. It is a special delivery for birthday cakes and gifts. When you want to celebrate your loved one’s birthday after 12 in the night, it is the best option you would find.

Same Day Delivery

We offer you a special service for same day delivery. Even sitting miles away you can send your love to your dear one on the same day with this service.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers refresh you with its smell. We offer you fresh flowers with a pleasing smell.

Flowers are something that fits for every joyous moment. You can gift them with other things like chocolates, cakes, teddy etc. If you wish to surprise someone special, go through an exclusive collection of flowers at Giftalove.


Here’s a Complete Guide for Ideal Business Gift Ideas that You Must Know!

Gift giving in an office can be a matter of proper discussion, as there are many things you should take care of. It doesn’t matter how friendly and close you are with your boss and colleagues, you need to choose your every gift with great care.


Indubitably, flowers are the best gift for any kind of business gifting. If your clients are residing far away, then also you can go for flower shopping online. You can find cities based options like send flower to Hyderabad ( ), Delhi, and many more on any good portal. Apart from flowers, there are also many things that are excellent gifting choices for business meetings and other corporate occasions. Few of the ideas to describe are:

Gift Items Appropriate for the Boss

It’s a well-known fact that boss never except anything from his/her employees, but despite of this it should be your courtesy to give something to your boss on any special occasion. The first rule for purchasing a gift for your boss is avoid something very personal that could embarrass him/her in front of all office members. If you are in a little doubt about what to gift, then below are some general gift ideas for boss:

Small sculpture and show piece for office desk.
Fruit basket or basket of cookies
A flower Bouquet
A landscape framed image

Sensible Gifts for the Employees

Bosses generally want to show their happiness and gratitude toward any employee by offering and giving gifts. In renowned companies, there are some guidelines for gifting the employee that gifts should not be more expensive and also it doesn’t break any law set by the company. Below are some unique gift ideas that can be easily given to employees:
Gift cards to local events, movies and any restaurant of your employee choice.
Leather wallet with classy engraved key ring
An elegant watch and wall clock.

Gifts for your Colleague

If you are in good terms with your coworkers, then it is obvious that you want to buy special gifts for them on their special occasion. Choose your gifts according to the environment. If you have to give gift in front of all office members, make sure that your gift is appropriate for a business environment. But, if you have to give it personally, choose anything you desire to give to your colleague. Some gift ideas are written below:
A flower basket (for officially and personally both)
Accessories (personally)
Desk items like letter opener and paper weight (officially)
Apparel (personally)

Gift for clients

In any type of business, clients play an important part for smooth running and continuous success. Salespeople generally try to maintain the business relationship by offering gifts. Before choosing anything for your client, first go through with company’s terms and conditions that prevent you in putting your client in any embarrass situation. Try to be professional while choosing gifts, as you have to build a professional equation. Decorative items and food basket is suitable for this purpose.

Farewell Gift on Retirement

It’s really a sweet and genuine gesture, when you gift something to the member who served the office for a long time and now give his/her retirement notice. Companies prefer to give watches, plaques and other expensive gift items to honor their honest dedication and many years of service. You can design a framed photo of all his/her good memories in a single photo frame. If you are really attached to the particular person who is going, then go for something personal.

Thanks Giving Gift

It’s not a trend, but there is nothing wrong in it that you want to give gift to some special person whose efforts give extra heights to the business. Choose your gift according to the relation demand, but do not forget to include a thank you note for expressing your happiness.

So, these are the basic patterns of giving gifts to any business colleagues, boss and partners. Hope this write-up will help you in choosing gifts for maintaining your professional relationship. To buy or send unique and best quality gifts or flowers to India, log on to, a renowned online portal for every range of gifts, cakes and flowers with excellent delivery services round the globe.

Here Get an Idea about What to Look in your Florist before Buying Flowers Online

Are you looking for the tips on what to look for in your preferred florist? Then, this write-up is useful for you. Purchasing the flowers offline is little easy but when you go for flower shopping online, it going to be a challenging task for you.

Purchasing flowers online requires a lot of knowledge about the life span of flower. Not only your knowledge, but it is also essential to know about your florist sense of flower and creativeness. Most of the time you can get what you pay for, but sometimes you also get disappointed by the service provided by your florist. To avoid the feeling of un-satisfaction and disappointment from your florist, you must consider below points seriously that tells you what to look before placing your delivery order of flower:

Flowers Online
Check Whether the Price is Appropriate or not?

Flowers can be expensive, but it totally depends on you that what to choose in the best available price. By sitting online choose the flower you are looking for in the suitable price. Before concentrating on price, you must see the quality and look of the flower and ask yourself that whether the money spend by you on the particular flower bouquet or flower bunches are worthy or not. Try to consider the value of flower rather than price because may be price seems little high to you but the value should be your priority.

Look at the Quality and Creativity of the Flower Arrangement

If you are purchasing flower offline, then it is quite easy to check the quality of the flower by stand in the front of cooler with the flower in your hand and see the exact shape of the flower that shows the actual quality of it. You can also take some petals of the flower to your home and check the quality. But, when you do online shopping, then look out their review and ask your friends and family members in case they are their past customers. This practice gives you the rough idea about the quality they offer. Secondly, you have to look the creative factor, see how they are making a combination of colours and flowers. Even check the types of ribbon and bouquet cover they are using.

Check their Past Service Level

When you are shopping online, there are lots of things you should consider because online reliability is the term that only few portals can give and when it comes to flowers, you should give extra care on your florist. Check whether they provide good customer service or not? Are they timely replying to your request? Is their delivery service reliable? You can get all your answer by checking their past status of service. It covers a lot of things that they might be hiding. Try to contact any of their past customer or clients.

Look at their Designing Techniques and Knowledge

Check out their design style and knowledge about the flowers. On online portals it’s tough to examine both of the factors, but you can try it by getting their collection of flower according to the season that shows their knowledge about seasonal flowers. For designing purpose, you can check the way to put chocolate and soft toys with the flowers.

By keeping all these above discussed points in your mind, now you are ready to buy a flower with your favorite online florist. To buy flowers online, visit GiftaLove, an online gift portal for almost all types of gifts. Now, you can easily send flowers to Mumbai, Delhi and any part of India through this e-gifting portal.

Here’s How to make a Perfect Boutonniere that can Easily Look Good with your Apparel?

Do you ever think what an iconic element is in men’s formal wear can be which can add a surprising charm and elegance in their look? The simple answer is a designer ‘boutonniere’ that comes from the French for the word button. It is designed for the decorating the buttonhole of a man’s suit.

You can easily make a beautiful boutonniere from designer flower bouquets( ). There are various online portals through which you can easily send flower to your loved ones by using the options like flower delivery in Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of the country. Now a day a flower bouquet or bunches are out dated, it’s time to go for something royal and when we talk about men, then nothing is as royal and stylish as boutonniere that not only give a royal touch to the apparel but also look stylish if done in a nice way.

Designer Bouquets

Designer Bouquets

So, here are four easy steps that will guide you how to make a boutonniere:

Things essential for making Boutonniere

Boutonniere must seem tough to be made, but in reality it is quite easy. If you think that making boutonniere is expensive, then you are totally wrong. In fact it saves lots of needless expenses. You can easily do it by yourself. All you require are a small ribbon, flowers of your choice, flower tape, boutonniere pins and a pair of scissors and stem cutters. If you are facing any problem, you can take help with any florist. They will definitely guide you in making a stylish boutonniere.

Good Selection of Flower is Obligatory

Everyone knows that for making a bouquet, a large amount of flower is necessary and if you talk about making boutonniere, then making it with leftover flowers is the most practical technique. If you have to go for any wedding and have to match your boutonniere with the bouquet your better half carry, then use flowers that are left from that particular bouquet. When you decided to use flower as the center piece of your boutonniere, there are lots of extra arrangement you need to do like use two different flowers that have different texture and color. Make a color combination with your suit or tie that add a dapper look in your personality.

Final touch to your Boutonniere

First of all you have to remove all damaged petals, excess foliage and thorns. Use the stem cutter to cut the extra inches of the stem. Keep in mind that you have to use only 2 inches of the stem. Line up the flower like a small bouquet and use floral tape to tie them around the stem. Wrap the boutonniere with perfect color ribbon; generally people use plain green color ribbon that goes hand to hand with the stem. Secure your boutonniere by putting the pin at the end of stem.

How to put the Boutonniere?

If you want to keep your boutonniere safe, the putting it in a fridge is a good idea that prevent your flower to be fade easily but before putting it into fridge make sure that there are no open food items available in the fridge. If you have to attend a long event, it might be a good to make two or three boutonniere of same identity so that when you see that flower is getting little lumpy, you can easily change it with another one. After all, you definitely want your style statement to look good throughout the event.

So, these are the four steps for making an ideal boutonniere for every man who wants to look formally well-organized in any event. To buy online flowers for more this type of arrangement, you can log on to, which is an online e-portal for various gifts like flowers, sweets, soft toys and so on. The facility for Flowers delivery in India and worldwide is something that adds into the credibility of the portal.

Be a Reason of Smile! Send Online Flowers to Mumbai with an Ease

You stay in Delhi and your friend is going to celebrate his promotion in the job at a grand level and he has planned for a big party and celebration. Who will not like to join for the party, rather a get-together function but you are damm.. busy at your office as the project completion day is dancing on your head like a monster. Well, do not get frustrated over such small things & you and still send online flowers to Mumbai at your friend’s place and make your presence felt there. This also signifies that no matter how busy you are, your dearest friend is always remembered.

Flowers Online

Well, this is just a situation and there are chances that most of you might be facing a similar problem when it comes to joining for the special occasion but you are helpless. Now onward, you need not panic over such situation as Flowers are the best way to express feeling to the concerned person. If you want to convey your heartwarming messages to near and dear one then send them a bunch of Lilies Flowers that is easy to buy online. Whether it is a birthday, Baby shower, farewell or any other such occasion, you can send Lilies flowers online as a beautiful flower bouquet and win the heart of the receiver, making him feel refreshed and valued.

With just a click of a mouse, you can send online flowers to Mumbai( ), Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and various other parts of the country with the help of the reliable portal of As more and more people are opting for online shopping, buying gifts online is growing at a fast rate. You can get anything and everything at one place and be a reason of smile for someone who cares for you.

The major advantage of online flower shopping is that you get ample range of flowers at one place that is both seasonal as well non-seasonal. When you compare it from the local flower shop, you will hardly get different varieties of flowers that are not seasonal. So, with online portal of, you get what you see in the catalog. The portal allows you to send flowers to India and overseas without wasting your energy and efforts and thus, saves your precious time.

This time, send beautiful flower bouquet online that are available in various designs with a different flower. Explore the fabulous collection of the portal and place and order for flowers online based on your preference and bring a smile to the face of your loved one on their special day.

Designer Flower Bouquets that can help you Win the Heart of Your Loved Ones

Flowers are the most celebrated gifts of nature. Though man can never visit the paradise, yet he can have a subtle imagination of heaven on earth by looking at these precious gifts of god, blooming all around. For this reason, flowers have become the finest presents for conveying love to our dear ones. Just like every flower is unique, each are characterized by a different color, pattern and fragrance, there must be exclusive Designer Flower Bouquets for every occasion.

While combining flowers to create bouquets for your loved ones, there are certain aspects that are always focused on. Color plays the most vital role in conveying your emotions to your dear ones. Even if the flower is white, it can have a slight nuance of heartfelt emotions with it.

Designer Flower bouquets

Now if your friend is living in a distant city like Pune, you need to plan in advance about the choice of flower-bouquets that you have to send to him/her. Well, finding the suitable choice of blossoms can be really testing, especially if you have to decide on one in a very short notice. If you are facing such difficulty, you must have a look on these exclusive and Designer Flower Bouquets that can make your dear ones elated at first sight:

Orchids denoting Exotic Beauty:

Orchids are among the most exotic flowers that can be gifted on all occasions. This is due to the endless number of varieties found in this flower. An alluring arrangement of vivid orchids can make for a truly impressive gift for your loved one. These magnificent blossoms are sure to give a terrific and buoyant beginning to their day and make you dear ones feel blissful too. You can send these flowers on any big occasion to make your loved one get more considerate about you.

Blooming Beauty at Thirty:

Are you fervently searching for an apt birthday present for your dearest friend, acquaintance, office colleague, your dearest neighbor or your darling spouse on his/her 30th birthday? This is exactly where your hectic hunt is going to end. An enticing floral arrangement of 30 fresh and vibrant blooms such as red roses, red carnations, tulips gerbera daisies or red lilies is sure to win their hearts. Besides, this can make for a wonderful Designer Flower Bouquets to send online Gifts to Pune to your loved one on other special occasions like his birthday, wedding anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, since you want to make a warm gesture to make your affectionate on feel special.

Let your Love Live Long with the Large and Lovable floral arrangement:

Do you want gift your dearest friend or your sweetheart something larger than life? This is the thing that will surely gird your affectionate one to your warmth and tenderness. This is one of the exclusive varieties of floral arrangement available on Giftalove, which is simply one of a kind. This comes as a magnificent and presentable arrangement of numerous red roses and other appealing blossoms that signify true love and dedication. Embellished with seasonal fillers, this will surely make the celebration a memorable affair.

These are few attractive ways to send Designer Flower Bouquets to all those who are really close to your heart. You can send flowers to Pune online with these alluring Designer Flower Bouquets via Giftalove, the only stop for buying and sending exclusive gifts to your loved ones all over India and rest of the world. Here you can also find many attractive options on flower bouquets for various occasions.